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Our close association with the Shivpuri Ashram place is deep-rooted, it is the seat of our spiritual guru and guiding force HH Param Sadguru SHREE Gajanan Maharaj. The focal point from where HE propagated the message of ‘Agnihotra’ for peace, good health and clean environment. Secondly, our founder Smt. Kamalabai Parkhe’s family bond with SHREE, which ties us even closer.

Today, the various trusts and institutions working through the precincts of the Shivpuri Ashram are in the forefront of worldwide propagation of ‘Agnihotra’, this practice is not bound by any religion, faith or distinction whatsoever.

Shivakshetram Trust
Shivpuri Shivpuri Shivpuri Shivpuri


This Trust plays a pivotal role in management of all the shrines in Shivpuri and overall estate management at the Ashram, its predecessor being the ‘Shivpuri Vikas Yojana’ .


Dharmatma Tatyaji Maharaj Memorial Trust

ShivpuriIt is founded in the divine memory of Tatyaji Maharaj Rajimwale, SHREE’s grandfather, who hailed from a Noble family of Chieftans. He had attained special yogic powers and had a command on Ayurveda. He worked relentlessly on offering free medicine and therapies to the down-trodden and needy.

He was fondly revered as ‘Dharmatma’ for his righteous deeds.

The trust and its attached Ayurvedic Hospital has been serving poor village folk for the last over 35 years. Over 4 lakh patients have been offered basic free medication and treatments during this period. Among other year-round medical camps, it also organizes free chiropractic camps where expert teams from abroad participate.

Seen is the recently face-lifted section of the building.

Sati Chimamata Annapurna Trust

ShivpuriThe trust serves with the only objective of providing free Satvic vegetarian food to poor and needy people from near-by areas and Ashram visitors.

Most of the vegetables and farm produce are organically grown in the Ashram area or farms of ‘Agnihotra’ followers.

Institute for Studies in Vedic Sciences

The Ashram also houses the Institute for Studies in Vedic Sciences (ISVS) which propagates ‘Agnihotra’ worldwide. It also undertakes primary research on Vedic philosophy and facets of ‘Agnihotra’. One of the recent and most notable initiative of ISVS is ‘Vishwa’ – A green lifestyle propagation & promotion platform.

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