Group Background
Our Genesis
It was around the year 1919 that Sadashivrao (Baburaoji’s father) was with the Akkalkot State as a Chief Justice. Coincidently he met Lokmanya Tilak when the two visited Sankaracharya of Kurtakoti in Sholapur and a brief discussion took place between the two, possibly on Vedic Culture & Literature. Lokmanya while leaving, had stated to Sadashivrao “Apliya sarakhi Vyakti apliyala Khalsat havi hoti”. Following the meeting, the information about the same was promptly passed onto Raja of Akkalkot by foreign agents since they closely watched every movement of Lokmanya. The Raja, inquired about what transpired during this meeting, to which Sadashivrao stated that it was nothing to do with politics and that he would never breach his employers trust. However, his self-respect was hurt and he immediately tendered his resignation and moved to Pune. Lokmanya’s statement possibly inspired him to a large extent, because in Pune he advised young Baburao to work and gain practical business experience after his school hours, which could ultimately make him self-reliant in future.

Sadashivrao passed away soon after, but mother Maisaheb inspired and guided her sons with surprising foresight into a small business activity in 1930 which was named ‘Bharat Envelopes Co’ and the foundation was laid.

Late Sadashivrao Parkhe
1870 ~ 1925

Late Maisaheb Parkhe

1891 ~1975

Late Gopal Sadashiv Parkhe
1922 ~1945
Subtle inspiration which was
instilled with a feeling of
self-pride and self-reliance
Strong spirited leadership
and support against odds.
Set out high aims and values

Enthusiastic contributor
who left us very young but
taught us all about innovation


...Later in 1933, an inspired Baburao also wrote to Mahatma Gandhi while he was housed at the Yerawada Central Prison Pune, and received encouragement.
Image Courtesy – Gandhi Sangraha, Sabarmati @ All rights reserved


We owe immense gratitude to our founders and fore fathers whose vision and dedication over the years has greatly helped to build this group and who have laid down high social standards for us to follow.

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