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From a tiny home industry in 1930, gradually over a period of the next half century, our Industrial enterprise grew to be known as one of the pioneering efforts in the Indian Pulp, Paper & Boards industry in its times, before some of the initiatives were transferred, merged or changed state.


Paper & Pulp Conversions Ltd at Khopoli - Maharashtra (Est.1942)

Papco MillsPaper & Pulp Conversions Ltd. popularly known as PAPCO was a public limited company incorporated in the year 1942. It began its operation in Bombay (Mumbai) as a small millboard unit of 1 ton a day capacity using sun-dry process. The operations were successful which gave the company strength to launch its paper mill operation at Khopoli. Dist. Kolaba (now Raigad) on the banks of Patalganga River.

The paper machine of 2 tons per day capacity was imported from Japan in 1950 and became a news of novel development in the then paper industry, both in terms of introduction of acceptable quality and economic viability. This success led to the installation of a multi-cylinder board machine, imported from Japan to manufacture duplex board. PAPCO thus became the 2nd unit in the country next to Rohtas industry to manufacture duplex board. These operations also became successful and the company went from strength to strength in 1960, expanding from a production of 10 tons to 20 tons using their first completely indigenous machine.

During the same period PAPCO had also installed in their premises a production activity for Pudumjee Pulp & Paper to manufacture Greaseproof Paper. PAPCO Press Division was based in Pune and catered to printing assignments.

PAPCO has to its credit, the status of being a non-interrupted dividend company for 40 years. However, in 1992 multiple problems culminated into the ultimate closure of PAPCO. This change in situation was a result of continued labour problems, government policy changes and financial crunch which had trickled over from other group entities. The flash floods of 1989 further worsened the situation beyond repair.

Before closing down, PAPCO had reached a production capacity of 30,000 TPY.

The Central Pulp Mills at Fort Songadh - Gujarat (Est.1960) Now known as - JK Paper

Papco MillsAround 1960, PAPCO conceived India’s first market grade pulp mill a 100 TPD pulp mill, using bamboo as a raw material, The Central Pulp Mills Ltd. (CPM) in Gujarat State, to reduce reliance of imported wood pulp. This was India’s first joint attempt for self-reliance and the other participants were - Deccan Paper, Wimco, Pudumjee and Triveni. CPM was commissioned in 1968 with financial loan from EXIM Bank of Washington, USA. The Technical Consultants being Sandwell Corporation, USA and prime contractors being Sandy Hill Corporation, USA. In 1969, the first Paper Machine imported from Germany was installed at CPM and the second English-made machine was installed in 1981, taking the installed capacity to about 35,000 TPA.

CPM was transferred to the New Delhi based, JK Group in 1992 in view of need for greater finances, consolidation in the Paper Industry and increased capacities. Today after a massive dose of financing and modernisation, CPM is one of the largest Pulp & Paper, Paperboard mills in India with a present capacity of about 1,40,000 TPA in aggregate after their recent commissioning of a 84,000 TPY Packaging Board manufacturing. The astute business sense in selection of the plant site and commissioning of the project is often commended by its new management.

Parkhe Consultants Private Limited at Pune - Maharashtra (Est.1970)

Having shown the accomplishment in the field of various types of Paper, Pulp and Research, the group started an its own Machinery Division and independent Consulting company known as Parkhe Consultants Pvt Ltd, which provided consultation in the field and helped many medium sized companies to commission plants.


Eurocote India Limited at Vapi - Gujarat (Est.1976)

Papco MillsAt the instance of ICICI a prime Indian Banking & Financial Institution, PAPCO took initiative in reviving one of the sick units in the field of special high gloss cast coated Paper & Board, located at Vapi Gujarat. This company was taken over and the installed capacity was doubled in a year with financial and technical expertise. Eurocote was eventually merged with PAPCO.


Parkhe Research Institute at Khopoli – Maharashtra (Est.1976)
Papco MillsBeing part of progressive group, PAPCO also promoted a research institute, Parkhe Research Institute (PRI), for research in the field of Pulp & Paper. PRI was formed with cash donations to the tune of Rs. 50 lacs and a sprawling 5 acre state-of-art campus and test lab with imported machinery by PAPCO. This was one of the most modern research institutes, in the field of Indian Pulp & Paper, in its time. The emphasis was given on Non-Wood pulping and they have some important International Research Papers to their merit.

PRI now offers assistance and scholarships for research in the field of Paper & Pulp.
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