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Malhar Sadashiv alias Baburaoji Parkhe
Baburaoji’s life had several different dimensions. Rarely do we find a person with such multifarious interest’s and success in delivering many things at the same time, possibly only with god’s grace. Though his forte was entrepreneurship and industry, he was also inclined to social commitments, channelized mainly through involvement in different social and educational organisations.

Continued proximity with SHREE and guidance motivated him to explore unventured horizons, unveiling some of his exemplary hidden facets. This spiritual quest led his progress through various phases in the form of books, tours and discourses, all while being active in Industry. His contribution in various temple and religious initiatives also stands a testament to the fact.

Mr. Parkhe has supported many individuals and causes, directly or indirectly, monetary or in-kind, by providing some with employment, recommendations or endorsement to efforts. He has inspired and encouraged many a people by his industrious and enthusiastic attitude. Society has seen him from different dimensions and he will be remembered by different people from the perspective they came in (his) contact or saw him. He always preferred to be a silent force in philanthropy, without any mention or publicity thereof.

The over-whelming response and communication we received upon his demise and which we still get on a routine basis, endorses the fact and further inspires us to work relentlessly.
Facets Unearthed
Early Life
Career & Industrial Life
Involvement in Industry Associations & Bodies
Association with Education Field
Spiritual Quest - Propagation of "Agnihotra" & Vedic Culture
Literary Contribution
Other Initiatives
Diary Development & Farm Experiments
Kamalabai Malhar Parkhe

Kamalabai was born on 21st July, 1921 at Raipur as Kashi Rajimwale to Laxmanrao and Sonamata, in the noble family the Chieftans. She was the only daughter and youngest among the two siblings, elder brother being Gajanan, revered worldwide as Paramsadguru SHREE Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot, and known for HIS message of ‘Agnihotra’ and Pancha Sadhan Marg (Five-Fold Path).

Inspite of being born into the Noble family of Rajimwale, the chieftains of an area comprising of 84 villages including Rajim, Ratnapur, Pendra etc of the present Madhya Pradesh (India), both her parents were totally detached from worldly matters and destined just to fulfill the divine mission. Sonamata passed away when Kashi was just 3 years old and she was brought up in Akkalkot by her maternal cousin grandparents, Gangadhar Maharaj (the Mathadhipati of Balappa mutt (Swami Samarth Guru Lineage) and Uma mata. After her marriage, Kashi now Kamalabai, landed into a different world, but she coped up well with the situation in Pune. Over the next 5 decades Kamalabai fulfilled all the responsibilities of a wife, a mother not just to her children but the extended family.

But there is something much more to her personality than just being a household woman. She inherited the qualities of sacrifice, compassion and contentedness from her parents. Her balanced approach in the face of any situation has been the biggest strength.

Kamalabai was associated with several social and cultural initiatives, notable among them are Pune Mahila Mandal, Matrukul and Shardotsav Mandal. She has played a pivotal role in her husband Baburaoji’s life, his career and social standing.

Dr. G J Paranjape

Ghanshyam Janardhan Paranjape was born in Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri in the year 1905. He was a Gold Medalist LCPS (equivalent to MBBS) from Grand Medical College, Bombay University. He first came in contact with Baburaoji in 1938, since when became an ‘Alikhit Bhagidar’ or ‘Unwritten Partner’ and toiled hard along-side Baburaoji, in the formative years. He held various positions in the group and was a guiding force.

The ‘Unwritten Partnership’ continued for next 50 years, till his death in 1988, a rare example and one that will set an inspiration for others.

Other long-time associates who contributed strongly in the growth were J. A Mondkar, N.S. Sadawarte, G. K. Paranjape and V.M. Savlapurkar.

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