Prestigious G.S. Parkhe Industrial Merit Awards (Instituted. 1947)
These awards are instituted in the memory of Baburaoji’s brother and our youngest founder Gopalrao who actively assisted him in business activities in the formative years. Young Gopal possessed some good entrepreneurial skills and indigenously developed cost-effective products and import substitutes which was a need of the hour to make India self-reliant and strong. Some of his innovations were toys made out of cardboard and portable black-boards made from bound cloth dipped in tar, for schools & students.

Perhaps, if it would have not been for his untimely death after a brief illness (typhoid) at 23 years, we would have had some more innovative products.

To commemorate Gopalrao’s entrepreneurial skills and to provide encouragement to similar budding entrepreneurs, the Awards scheme was conceived by Baburaoji and Late A. R. Bhat, his close friend and founder of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA). MCCIA, a proactive Chamber has been distributing this award relentlessly for last 6 decades, as recognition to young entrepreneurs. Product/Service excellence, commercial success & import substitution, being the key parameters. This was a first-of-its-kind pioneering effort in the country, having earned considerable recognition it has become an institution in itself, setting a basis for other similar awards across the country, even instituted at government level.
Adarsha Mata Puraskar (Since 1976)

Highslide JSWhen Baburaoji’s father died, his mother, Maisaheb Parkhe, took on the responsibility of bringing up her children, including those roles typically handled by the father such as vocational guidance and career development. She did this by starting a home industry, and gradually handed the responsibility to her teenage sons, who were still students.

means "ideal" and mata means "mother" in Marathi. The Adarsha Mata Puraskar commemorates Maisaheb Parkhe’s contribution, and salutes her enterprising and indomitable spirit.

The award aims to recognize the conviction of similar deserving women who have strived hard under adverse conditions to shoulder the responsibility of their family.  It is instilled with a feeling to express gratitude for their enormous sacrifice to make their children successful in life and ultimately good, responsible citizens of the society.

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