About Us

We are the ‘Parkhe Pariwar Trusts’, a collective representation of the various ‘Charities and Awards’ instituted by the Parkhe Group. A walk-through will give you an insight into our present philanthropic activities.


A historical section also awaits your reading, which highlights the genesis of our industrial group and our founders whose vision gave birth to some pioneering ideas and spirit of ‘Social Good’. A themed photo gallery steers the visitor back into the times.


We welcome suggestions, enquiries and solicitations for ‘Socio~Partnership’.


Our Logo

The outer ring symbolises an unfolded envelope. Ours is ‘The Envelope Story’, the Parkhe Group made a small beginning with handmade envelope manufacturing and grew to make some pioneering efforts in the Indian Paper industry, in its times. The letters ‘PP’ stand for ‘Parkhe Pariwar’ which collectively represent the group’s social enterprises.


From a home industry involving just 3 household members, it eventually employed 2000 workers and 5000 seasonal labourers.

Original Design Credits: Taeko san, Japan 1954

Our Mission

Our commitment is to contribute for the betterment of Society in whatever ways possible. The philosophy is simple, based on the ancient knowledge of Vedas which teach us to help the needy and care for the environment.

We also believe in working in-conjunction with like-minded groups and partners to achieve our goals, as the scale and magnitude of some of the problems we are trying to address is often large. Moreover, collective knowledge and focused efforts far outreach singular. Other partners contribute by co-funding or help us bring together multiple players working towards a common goal.

In the News

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